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Speech Language Therapist/Pathologist

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Job Description

Clinical.Speech Therapy.Speech – Language Therapist/Pathologist

Independently managing with supervision a caseload of patients with developmental speech and language delay and disorder, social communication disorder including dysfluency and motor speech disorders (dyspraxia)

Developing and implementing specialised speech and language treatment plans for individuals and groups targeting a wide range of difficulties (e.g. developing attention and listening skills; auditory processing skills; play and interaction; understanding and expression of language; speech production and sound system development i.e. pronunciation)

Advising others regarding the management and care of patients with communication needs and oro-motor difficulties (e.g. setting and reviewing specific targets in collaboration with those in daily contact with the patient and responsible for developing the patient’s skills; demonstrating activities and providing resources to realise the targets).

Using investigative skills and a broad knowledge of standardised assessments together with sound, analytical clinical reasoning skills in order to form a baseline measure or differential diagnosis from which to plan a programme of intervention

Delivering therapy intervention ensuring that speech, language and communication programmes are an integral part of the patient’s learning and daily routines

Taking in depth case histories to include medical, social, psychological, educational and developmental information

Working as a member of the SLT team providing an efficient and effective service, liaising with internal and external agencies. Providing timely and targeted individualised management, treatment and advice for patients, involving families, carers and educators and providing appropriate recommendations and training to professionals from other agencies and other disciplines

Ensuring a productive therapeutic relationship is established with patients, carers and families, agreeing decision-making which is relevant to the patient’s management, taking into account challenging communication impairment, challenging behaviour, psychological and emotional state and differing cultural attitudes and expectations

Continuously monitoring all use equipment, reporting of any faulty behavior and contacting maintenance/supplier for any required repairs/updates

Applying standard precautions for infection control, using a series of interventions that minimise or prevent cross infection, including effective hand washing/cleansing when appropriate, particularly on entering and leaving clinical areas and between each patient

Maintining a high control over infection, safety and health regulations and making sure that all concerned parties follow the same

Maintaining the strictest confidence in relation to patient information whether formally or informally recorded

Recognizing the necessity of continuously developing skills and acquiring additional knowledge appropriate to the position

Dressing appropriately to meet the expectations of the specific work area and in alignment with the Occupational Health and Safety policies

Building key partnerships within the organization for pursuing client-centered, comprehensive, integrated systems of care

Complying with any regulations related to mentoring, training and development of UAE nationals staff


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